Cement Lining Company, Inc.


: What are the uses of cement-lined pipe?
: Saltwater intake for plant cooling, fire lines
and water lines of all types.

: What does cement lining offer the user?
: Cement lining serves three main purposes, including protecting the I.D. of the line from rust and corrosion for many years, keeping potable water clean, pure, colorless and odorless and increasing flow (according to the Hazen Williams formula) up to 15% over that of new unlined steel pipe.

: Can cement-lined pipe be field fabricated by cutting and welding?
: Yes. Cutting and welding of cement-lined pipe is covered in the API RPI IOE specification.

: Is cement-lined pipe fragile to transport and work with?
: No.  However, chipping can occur to the ends during coating and wrapping or unloading, and if incurred, can easily be repaired in the field.

: Are there different types of cement lining available?
: Yes, many.  The most widely used is the AWWA sand and cement mix, but by using different cements, additives, pozzolans, etc. a lining for practically any service can be applied.

: Is it necessary to steam cure?
: No.  It’s not necessary because of our warm, humid Houston climate and use of plastic end covers combined with the protection of our warehouse.

: Can cement lining withstand high pressure?
: Yes. Cement lining, because of its cylindrical shape and the support provided by the outer steel pipe, can withstand the designed pressure requirements of the pipe within which it is encased.

: How is the lining secured to the pipe?
: A mechanical bond is formed as the cement is centrifugally forced against the pipe I.D. Strength in this bond is increased as the lining cures in its cylindrical shape. Removal of a cured lining is only achieved through chipping and blasting, or drilling.

: Is cement lining cost effective?
: Yes. The original cost of cement lining is far less than most other linings. When all factors are evaluated, inclusive of installation, smaller pump requirements, etc., coupled with the historic long service life and low maintenance, cement lining definitely proves to be cost effective.

: Can your company rehabilitate pipelines already in service or line at our site?
: Yes, our affiliate company does cement mortar rehabilitation of pipelines from 75mm to 3600mm and can cement line pipelines in a stackyard fashion prior to installation or after installation, prior to being put into service